Sec 4 (2024) Pure Biology Saturdays 8:30am – 10:00am

$240.00 / month

Interactive live Zoom lessons using the SOS™️ Methodology.                                                    Day: Saturdays                                                                                                                            Time: 8:30am - 10:00am                                                                                                              Whatsapp 8808 2348 for a FREE trial lesson.

What to expect from this course

  • How to develop strong understanding of scientific concepts using our method of Understanding, Evaluation, Reiteration and Application.


  • Critical and Logical Thinking Skills to learn and remember concepts in a way that does not require you to spend hours memorising textbooks and assessment books’ answers.


  • Step-by-step guidance to tackling all question types to prevent loss of mark and secure distinctions.


  • Application of concepts into real-life scenarios. Pivotal for students looking to continue learning sciences in tertiary education.

Ms Valerie Tan, Specialist in 'O' Level Biology and Chemistry.

Teacher Val started her private tutoring journey as a 1 on 1 tutor in 2010. After graduating from NTU with a degree in Biological Sciences (Honours), she was sought after and taught in multiple industry-leading enrichment centres and private schools for 12 years. Her commitment and high-quality teaching style have helped more than over 800 students with a 90% distinction rate.


Q) This course is suitable for?

  • This course is specifically designed for Secondary 3 Pure Biology students.


Q) What happens if there are 1 or more days my child is unable to attend?

  • The entire programme will be recorded from the start to the end. All students will be given links to revisit the recordings at the end of each day.


Q) My child is very weak, will he be able to keep up throughout the course?

  • Yes, both scientific concepts, identification of question types, and answering techniques will be covered in that sequence to ensure that all students will benefit from the programme.


Q) Where is the programme held?

  • The programme will be held over Zoom. All students will receive Zoom links once they enroll for the programme.


Q) How many students will there be in the programme?

  • The class can fit up to 50+ students

What other Parents & Students have to say about us

“My girl was feeling dejected after consistently struggling with her sciences for a long period of time. Meeting Teacher Val did her a world of good. Her lessons restored Ada’s confidence both in school that permeated to other parts of her life.”

– Parent of Ada


“I was a Secondary dropout a few years ago. I couldn’t manage my studies and it got too difficult. After a few years, I decided to resit for my O levels. Teacher Val was always so encouraging and patient with me. She imparted all her knowledge to me in a short time of NINE MONTHS. Eventually, with her dedication and help, I scored an A for Science during O levels. This is something that I can never dream about a few years back and now I am moving on to the next phase of education. Thank you, Teacher Val.”


“If Teacher Val has a superpower, it has to be the ability to make a complicated concept so simple and easy to understand. She just knows the best way either through videos, drawings or some homemade experiments to help me understand the concepts in full!”

How to Enroll

Scroll up and Click on the “Enrol Now“ button above and fill in your details. After payment, go to “My Account” on the menu and click on “My Courses”. After that, you can watch the lessons right away.