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Pure Chemistry


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Combined Biology


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Combined Chemistry


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Combined Chemistry


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Combined Biology


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Pure Chemistry

1:00pm - 2:30pm

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Pure Biology


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Pure Biology

4:00pm - 5:30pm

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Keywords – Our classes focus on Identifying, remembering, and applying keywords in the exams.

Experiments – We use experiments for students to visualise concepts and prepare for practical exams.

Simplified Learning Points – We simplify complex scientific concepts into digestible portions.  

Exam Targeted Notes – Our notes and materials are curated to associate keywords to concepts for exams.

Extra Revision Classes – Revision classes are planned to ensure students are prepared for their papers.

Intrinsic Motivation – Encourages students to take responsibility of their goals and learning outcomes.


– Stable Internet Connection
– PC, Desktop, Tablet or Phone.
– Stationery and Foolscap Paper

Live Online Zoom Lessons

What will your child learn?

  • How to develop strong understanding of scientific concepts using our method of Understanding, Evaluation, Reiteration and Application.


  • Critical and Logical Thinking Skills to learn and remember concepts in a way that does not require you to spend hours memorising textbooks and assessment books’ answers. 


  • Step-by-step guidance to tackling all question types to prevent loss of mark and secure distinctions.


  • Application of concepts into real-life scenarios. Pivotal for students looking to continue learning sciences in tertiary education. 

Class Materials, Notes, Learning Aids:

All worksheets, notes, homework and study aids have been carefully crafted and curated to ensure maximum conceptual retention. They are also designed to relate concepts to commonly tested question formats for students to effortlessly recall important keywords during exams. 


Once you enrol for our online classes at The Science of Studying you can contact our team using Whatsapp to ask us any homework-related questions! (We will reply you within 1 day.)  You can also submit your homework and your individual practices to be marked by our team.  Our Marking Team will mark and get back to you within 3-5 working days.  We provide these services because we understand that live weekly lessons are MORE effective with 24/7 support and marking!


Fees are auto-charged monthly via credit card. The renewal date is every 30 days from the date of initial sign up and payment.

Fees are fixed monthly regardless of the number of lessons in a month. There are no discounts for taking multiple subjects or siblings’ discounts.

If a lesson falls on a public holiday, there will not be any lesson but the materials will be provided.

You can log in to our Parent Portal to cancel your subscription anytime. Your credit card will not be charged anymore after you cancelled.

There will not be any refunds for fees paid after the renewal date.

Yes, all the Zoom are recorded and you will have access to the recordings.

If you miss a lesson, you can do a make-up within the same month.

You will have access to the Zoom links of all the other classes for make up lessons once you sign up.

If you can’t attend any of the classes, you can still watch the recordings.

In addition, you will still be able to ask all your questions via the homework helpline anytime over the course of the week.

Fees will not be prorated.

We can accept up to 20 students per class in our online lessons.

All our classes are specially curated and designed for the GCE ‘O’ level syllabus. Hence, students in the IP or IB programme will realise that the topics might not map onto their school classes perfectly. However, students will still stand to gain from the exam answering techniques taught by us within the IP and IB programmes.

All our classes and programmes are conducted live over Zoom. We do not have a physical location at the moment. Should you require any help, feel free to contact us at 88082348.

All our teachers are exceptionally qualified to teach the GCE ‘O’ level syllabus. Beyond being graduates in local premium universities, all of our teachers have research experiences that are able to give further insights to students regarding concepts, and apply specific answering techniques to the exams.

Our Teachers

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Ms Yasmin

Specialist in 'O' level Chemistry


Ms Valerie Tan

Founder, Specialist in 'O' level Biology

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Ms Wee Leng

Specialist in 'O' level Chemistry

What other parents and students say

"I got back Bio and Chem and they were SO good omg... i've never gotten this high before! bio 19/20, Chem 15/20..."

I was constantly scoring F9 for combined science (bio/chem). I could never understand the concepts. Since I met Teacher Valerie, she made me view Science in a different light. Beyond understanding it, I loved the subject since. She made Science seemed so easy. Eventually, I got a B in O levels, something I have never gotten in my life. I am thankful for Teacher Val and recommend her to anyone who needs concepts explained simply.

Teacher Valerie is a patient mentor and always makes lessons interesting. My elder girl was struggling with her Science during Secondary 3 and 4. With Valerie's guidance, she did well. We then decided to continue with our second born when she was in Primary 3. Our girl (Megan) enjoyed her lessons all the time and Valerie makes every lesson interesting and easily comprehensible. What's important is she is always very encouraging. These are the intangible values that Valerie has that are truly appreciated by us.

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