Table of Contents

Logging In

Head over to https://www.http:/thescienceofstudying.com/wp-admin or https://thescienceofstudying.com/login.
Note: the second link won’t be working until the site is published.

WP dashboard / WordPress Dashboard

To reach to the WP dashboard there is an icon on the top left – most corner of the screen with the W word.

Editing the Main Pages

Main Pages are the pages listed on the header menu bar.

step 1: Head over to Pages section on the LEFT SIDE of WP dashboard. You will see a list of pages on the white section eg. About Us, Azurabim.

step 3: Hover your mouse over the page that you want to edit, then press Edit with Elementor. It will take you to the elementor editor page. (Remember you need to be on Elementor Editor)

step 4: Hover over the text that you want to edit. You will see a blue selection with a blue (Pen) Icon. Click on the blue Icon. Feel free to edit the context on the left.

step 5: Once you are happy with all the changes,click on the UPDATE BUTTON at the bottom left.

Adding Course Schedules, Teacher lists or Third Party Affiliate Courses.

Step 1: Head Over to WP Dashboard.

Step 2: You should see tabs on the left. Click on anything you want to add.

Step 3: Click Add New. Then a list of questions will show up like a google Form. You must fill out those questions with answers.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the result, click Update.