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'O' Level Pure Biology

Does your child lose marks in the Open-ended Questions and Application Questions despite understanding the concepts?

'O' Level Combined Biology

Having problems understanding and recalling complex biological concepts that are being taught in school?

'O' Level Combined Chemistry

Do you spend hours trying to memorise concepts and practicing assessment books just to draw a blank during exams?

We specialise in helping upper secondary students ace their ‘O’ level Biology and Chemistry 

What we offer:

Enroll onto Live Zoom classes

The Science of Studying provides targeted, effective, and interactive live online lessons for upper secondary students. Our curriculum and materials are designed to improve their sciences through the development of logical and critical thinking processes.

Access to EdaptIQ™, our smart learning platform (Upcoming)

Other than live classes, students can also look forward to EdaptIQ™, an adaptive learning platform that tracks learning progress, and analyses his or her strengths and weaknesses.

24/7 Homework Help & Homework Marking

24/7 Homework Help & Homework Marking for all our in-house materials and student’s personal practices are provided to ensure your child has all the opportunities to review their work and succeed.

What parents and students say

My girl was feeling dejected after consistently struggling with her sciences for a long period of time. Meeting Teacher Val did her a world of good. Her lessons restored Ada's confidence both in school that permeated to other parts of her life.

I was a Secondary dropout a few years ago. I couldn't manage my studies and it got too difficult. After a few years, I decided to resit for my O levels. Teacher Val was always so encouraging and patient with me. She imparted all her knowledge to me in a short time of NINE MONTHS. Eventually, with her dedication and help, I scored an A for Science during O levels. This is something that I can never dream about a few years back and now I am moving on to the next phase of education. Thank you Teacher Val.

If Teacher Val has a super power, it has to be the ability to make a complicated concept so simple and easy to understand. She just knows the best way either though videos, drawings or some home made experiments to help me understand the concepts in full!

Available Courses

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Pure Chemistry


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Combined Biology


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Combined Chemistry


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Combined Chemistry


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